... written in Python

What is this?

I love my Nokia N800, but it had always been missing something that all phones have. I realize the tablet is not a phone, but it seemed to me that this was a necessary feature: a tip calculator.

It didn't have to be an advanced tip calculator, just one that I could put in price and percent and it would give me what the tip should be. I didn't want to mess around with the actual calculator for something like this.

So, after someone on the Internet Tablet Talk forums requested a Weight Watchers points calculator, I decided I should learn python. I was able to quickly write a python program that calculated weight watchers points.

Then I remembered my wish: a tip calculator. Why couldn't I now write one? I saw no reason, so I thought it would be a good project. It quickly grew into an advanced tip calculator that will even take tax into account (as we all know, you should tip on the pre-tax price).

A little bit later, someone sent me a private message, asking for a European version of the weight watchers calculator, because the formula was differnet. I had no problems writing one quickly.

So, now they're living here. At this website and garage page. My small utility calculators I've written for one reason or another. I hope the three I start out with will become more advanced, and I hope to write even more small calculators. If anyone has an idea, they are welcome to either submit the idea for me to write, or write it themself, and join the project!

On the right, you will find links to the different calculators, along with download links.